Rent a Computer in Ottawa – Ordering Your PC

As with all of our computers, yours will be custom-built and tested for you.

Rentals are ordered online at


(For government or corporate leasing, please see


To rent a computer in Ottawa, you will need to:

  • Pay for the first installment
  • Pay a $75 security deposit
  • Provide Photo ID
  • Pick it up in person


Payment is due on receipt of each respective invoice (unless otherwise specified for commercial clients).


Cancellations must be received within 30 days via written notice should your rental term lapse or be extended.


Title of rented hardware remains in the name of The PC Room.

Repairing Your PC

Devices and components must not be modified, repaired, upgraded, downgraded, replaced or otherwise changed by yourself or any third party.

Your hardware is protected against physical defects for the duration of your rental under our in-store warranty.

Your warranty does not cover:

  • Software installed by The PC Room or yourself;
  • Damage from accidents such as spills, drops, kicks, drop-kicks, tampering, or other forms of damage;

Returning Your PC

All hardware is to be returned to The PC Room on or by the end of the rental period.

All hardware must be in the same condition that you received it in.

Title to all equipment shall remain in the vendor’s name. All equipment rented by the customer is to be returned at the end of the rental period in the same condition in which it was received at the commencement of the rental term including, but not limited to all cabling, manuals, disks, and other accessories and attachments.

Purchasing Your PC

You are welcome and encouraged to purchase your rented laptop or desktop from The PC Room.

But, we also have dozens of different kinds of computers and configurations that might better-suit your needs after renting.

Please contact us for details.


My Liability

We ask that all of our equipment be covered by your own insurance.

You are responsible for replacing anything that you rent should anything happen to it.

In the event of damages, loss, or theft, you are responsible for the repair or replacement costs of your rental, their components and peripherals.



As the user and renter, you are solely responsible for the actions used and taken with software on equipment rented from The PC Room. You are bound by any and all respective copyright laws and licenses.


This is a binding agrrement governed by the laws of Province of Ontario.


Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement. Any changed or alterations must be amended in writing.